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Blogging for Yoga Teachers & Practitioners is a blogging and profile building platform for yoga teachers. Whether you are just starting out in your yoga career or been teaching for a while a blogsite that is easy to setup and maintain is great for helping you enhance your profile and find new students.

We will help you get your blog live, show you how to post and provide you tools that will help make managing your internet profile easier. With different levels to suit your budget, starting a website need not be a big investment.

We will show you how to auto post your blog content to your social media accounts, help you to learn how to effectively share and comment on interesting content you find, and provide you with the means to interact with yoga students who come to your site. is built using the very popular WordPress website and blogging software – we  provide you with the ability to create your own yoga social groups, share your knowledge, and communicate with other yoga teachers and students in forums.

To begin you can start by registering and finding your way around the site, check out a few of the existing blogs, and create an account so you can begin to interact with others.

Getting Started

Creating your blog site

Creating a blog site on is a relatively straight forward process. The first thing you need to do is decide on the base name for your blog site as you are required to enter that on the sign up page. If you are a yoga teacher or practition...

Welcome to is a place to blog, chat and share anything to do with Yoga. Its here for yoga practitioners, newbies and yoga teachers – somewhere you can get help, chat with long term yogis or just browse for info. We are currently in startup mo...